A two-fold experience! Servicing you with Loc Repair is not my only gift to you, but my hands are the hands of a healer. There is nothing like a client leaving my chair with a feeling of peace and healing in their mind and soul! Style is great, but it means nothing if you don’t have healthy locs! As a Reiki Practitioner and a Sound Healer, you’ll not just experience loc repair, but your locs will be nurtured with love! I like to call you the Healed Ones!



Your locs deserve all the attention it needs to recover. Repairing your locs is much more than just sitting in a chair or giving you a style, but it is taking the time to repair the security and safety you once felt in your locs! Experience the repair of more than what you thought! I do not discriminate! Every humanwith every texture of loc, I can repair it! My favorite thing is to teach other loctitians how to do the same for their clients as well! With my, Doddie Did It one-on-one and group sessions I show you how to not only give your clientele an unforgettable sacred experience, but I teach you how to become that experience! Just guess what you become then…Healers!But before we go there, there is something you have to know…



Trust me, I know how sacred our locs are! They’re our crown, our strength and it is my privilege to bring healing, restoration, and strength back to you! Feeling a bit uneasy? I’ve got you!


Even before your loc experience begins, I always reassure you of the promised result by giving you a little sample of a loc. Your comfort, confidence, and happiness are all a part of the process. Trust me, you’ll love your results in the end and you won’t leave unsatisfied!



In this sacred space, trusting your loctitian is important. So, if you don’t know here’s a little bit about me.  I’m Amber, also known as Doddie and I am your Loc Healer! For over 3 years I’ve been immersed in healing and nurturing my brothers and sisters' locs! It’s been my greatest honor! My gratitude doesn’t just come from nothing, but after growing up under 2 generations of cosmetologists I’ve learned what a privilege it is to have someone give access to their sacred crown! I honor the process and I have a passion to not only see people’s locs repaired but to see them whole, healthy, and healed! With my degree in Music and a Minor in Fine Arts, I have expanded my study to become a certified Reiki practitioner and sound healer. I started repairing locs because I saw there was a consistent need. At some point, I found that people needed more services than just retwists and styles, they needed repair and restoration! Now, none of my experience or passion is wasted in my service to you! I intentionally use my energy to bring others energy a little bit higher than they were when they first meet me! I can’t wait to share that energy, strength, healing, and confidence with you!

Are you ready to get your vibrancy back?!


Let’s go!

~Doddie, Your Loc Healer

  All Praise To The Most High!